Woven Design by Vivian Keenan

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Q What do you finish your willow and rattan sculptures with?
A These pieces are coated with a mix of 70% linseed and 30% turps, this helps to preserve and to enhance the natural colors of the materials.

Q What is the cost of postage within NZ?
A Charges vary according to size and distance but will be kept to a minimum and on small articles will be included in the price of a piece. Typically NZ Post charge between $5 - $9 for smaller items and $15 - $25 for larger items.

Q What is the limit on size for any of your works?
A Most of my work can be scaled up to quite large pieces - it is a matter of changing the size or type of materials used.

Q Do you post overseas?
A Yes, the cost is relevant to the size and weight of the piece.

Q Do you do repairs?
A Yes,as long as the damage is not too extensive.

Q How long have you been weaving and how did you get started?
A I started weaving around 30 years ago, initally I went to night classes and then worked for a company producing Palembang baskets. From there I experimented with different materials and techniques.

Q Do the copper sculptures oxidise if sited outdoors?
A Yes, all copper will oxidise if exposed to air. Some more so than others, the copper ribbon for example has a slightly greasy coating that will prevent the oxidisation process for sometime.

Q What material do you use to make your traditional baskets?
A Willow and palembang cane are the most used natural materials for these baskets.

Q Can you make a special one of a kind piece for me?
A Yes. All my work is individually handmade and by consulting together a design can be established and a unique peice made for you.

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