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Black Maul Willow Quiver
Willow, rattan & copperwire
Length 140cm



Cone Floor Lamp
85cm h x 30cm diam base


Small oxidized waka
Oxidized recycled copper
30cm x 5cm x 5cm

Pacific Sail
Recycled copper

Rangitoto Waka
Recycled copper
1.8m long
Wave Lamp
65cm x 30cm diam base

Hinaki 2007
Black Maul Willow, rattan & harakeke
1m x 35cm tapering
Can't help falling in love with you
Recycled copper wire and paua
37cm x 26cm
Are you ready for this thing called love
Recycled copper and paua
18cm x 16cm

Black Maul Quivers 2007
Willow, rattan & copperwire
160cm long
My heart is in your hands
Recycled copper wire and paua
22cm x 16cm
Love me do
Recycled copper wire
18cm x 12cm

Waka Recycled copper
20cm x 4cm, 30cm x 4cm
45cm x 5cm, 60cm x 5cm
Oxidized Waka 2007
oxidized recycled copper
1.5m x 15cm x 15cm

Torso I
35cm x 45cm
Torso II
25cm x 40cm, 30cm x 50cm


If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the "Latest work" section or if you would like to enquire about commissioning a work similar to an image in the"Photo archives" please email me at viviankeenan@xtra.co.nz.



Art pieces similar to those shown below can be commissioned.

Paua heart 2007
Recycled copper
20cm x 20cm

Buff Willow and rattan Quivers with Bamboo and Convuvulous piece 2001
Quivers - 55cm long
$45 each
Stainless steel wire light 2003
1.5m long

Gathering basket 2007
Palembang cane
40cm x 30cm

Teardrop Floor Lamp 2006
140cm x 65cm diam
Small metal wire quivers 2005
Various metal wire

Fantasy in Yellow 2006
Dyed rattan
110cm x 45cm

Arrow Quiver 2006
Recycled copper
17cm long

Droplet Lamp 2005
1m x 60cm

Polynesian Sail 2007
Recycled copper and Supplejack
70cm x 55cm
Spiral 1987
Dyed rattan and Palembang
50cm x35cm

Hinaki 2007
Brown Willow, dyed rattan and harakeke
80cm x 25cm

Seed Pod 2006
Recycled copperwire
1m x 35cm
African Dream Lamps 2004
Dyed rattan
80cm x 45cm
$345 each

Hinaki 2005
Black Maul Willow
70cm x 25cm

Hinaki 2000
Buff Willow and dyed rattan
70cm x 30cm

Mellow Yellow Side Lamp 2005
Dyed rattan
45cm x 30cm


Wild Willow Hinaki 2005
Wild Willow
70cm x 20 cm tapering

Back pack - part of a group of work commissioned for the film set of
The Lion.the Witch and the Wardrobe
Dyed raffia and rattan.
Hinaki 2007
Brown Willow, rattan & harakeke
90cm x 30cm tapering

Winnowing Fan 2006
Supplejack and dyed rattan
60cm x 40cm

Recycled copper
80cm x 25cm tapering

The Long Journey Home Tryptic 2007
Recycled Copper
55cm x 10cm - larger section

1m x 1m




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